Demand Generation Campaigns

Effective ways to create a successful Demand generation campaign

Executing a true demand generation campaign in the Channel is complex and requires alignment of people, programs and systems to realize ROI.Today’s multi-tactic marketing campaigns are often composed of more than a dozen essential tactics. And each tactic also requires a level of expertise for planning, creation and execution. 

At Satisfic, we approach any demand generation program by developing a model that provides a structured, objective methodology and a data – guided approach to make programs highly successful.

Partner Profiling and Segmentation

Before you even start pushing messages to announce your demand generation programs, we would work with you to do an in-depth assessment to understand which channel partners have the potential to deliver the strongest performance now and in the future. 

Products/services, target customers and target customer needs change over time, and so should the definition of an ideal partner profile. 

Our team of database analyst would learn from every partner interaction and experience and continually improve the accuracy of the criteria in the model.

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Consumers have less time and less patience than ever. They are tired of being bombarded by thousands of generic ads that don’t interest them at all; so in order to increase your campaign traction, it is important to strategize your digital marketing strategy so that your partners would be able to talk to the right people, in the right ways, about the right things.

The Satisfic team would work with you and your partners to discover what are your partner’s best opportunities to position your brand in front of the target audience. We would do a survey on partner readiness to determine the best marketing strategy via a mix of digital channels like search engines, websites, social media and email.

Design and Production

Our team of marketing strategists and content creators can help build conversion-focused demand gen programs from the ground up. From planning and content creation to paid Ads set up, we keep buyers’ needs in mind at every stage. Buyers’ needs would guide our content creation and graphic design. 

We bring a mix of email and search and social ads and videos and interactive content together that convert prospects to leads. Our team is ready to engage when you are, and our Inbound Marketing experts tie it all together in one finely tuned machine that generates leads and opportunities for your partners.

Launch and Connect

 Every niche has key influencers. They are hard to reach, the process for engaging with them takes time and they take a great deal of research to find. When we launch a program and start connecting with potential buyers, we focus on one thing: right message, right buyer, right time.

Whether its as basic as an email campaign or more complex SEO/Organic search or paid search or social media, we ensure that the messaging is consistent as consumers are flitting back and forth among many devices, from smart phones to emails to social sites.

Deliver and Convert

As a data driven process, our best demand generation tactics locate and nurture key prospects over the long term – from both sides of the cycle – engaging them through multiple platforms and touchpoints.

Taking the leap to narrow our focus on key segments, moving leads into more personalized content and onboarding funnels, and nurturing them along the journey has not only paid dividends by bringing us customers, improving conversion rates and increasing our efficiency, it has and continues to bring a wealth of data that paves the way for continued refinement on our campaigns.

Measure and Improve

Every tactic is a means to an end, and that end is the team’s goals. Without goals, it’s difficult to make decisions around what to run and what to optimize. Before wasting any resources on inefficient channels, we would validate our findings by running a small paid search campaign with small group of partners and measure how the audience responds to it. 

We would benchmark the campaign performance against industry standard to evaluate what’s high and low engagement in your particular niche before rolling it out to a larger audience.

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