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Satisfic is focused on the areas of the channel that matter.

We listen to you, understand your challenges, and we leverage your channel data and implement programs to accelerate and optimize your channel revenue and differentiate you from the competition. Satisfic leverages its global service delivery capabilities to help you succeed and grow. Our extensive experience in channel marketing and sales helps us serve you with unique capabilities.

Why Satisfic?

Been there, done that. Our team consists of channel veterans who brings fresh ideas and best practices from years of success in the field — providing you with the confidence to lead boldly and help to successfully execute your channel programs locally and globally. We work exclusively in the B2B space helping our clients to market and sell their solutions through partner networks to business customers.

We Do Things Differently


At Satisfic we offer various researches to provide you a clear understanding of your channel. We can provide you with accurate and incisive research to guide your decisions. Our in-depth understanding of business verticals enables us to interpret the research.
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Digital Marketing Strategy

Consumers have less time and less patience than ever. They are tired of being bombarded by thousands of generic ads that don’t interest them at all; so in order to increase your campaign traction,
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Design and Production

Our team of marketing strategists and content creators can help build conversion-focused demand gen programs from the ground up. From planning and content creation to paid Ads set up, we keep buyers’ needs in mind at every stage. Buyers’ needs would guide our content creation and graphic design.
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Media Strategy

We don’t implement random media strategies. We Identify and select the most effective marketing channels we can use to increase your online visibility and reach prospecting customers.
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Launch and Connect

Every niche has key influencers. They are hard to reach, the process for engaging with them takes time and they take a great deal of research to find. When we launch a program and start connecting with potential buyers, we focus on one thing: right message, right buyer, right time.
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Demand Generation

Executing a true demand generation campaign in the Channel is complex and requires alignment of people, programs and systems to realize ROI.
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Co-marketing campaigns can become a game changer in the success of your channel marketing activities – if they’re done right. We have local marketing expertise. Combine your regional co – marketing strategy with our local resources, skills, ideas and reach to create powerful localized campaigns for your partners   Read more…

Leverage local Concierge Services to engage and enable your Channel Partners. Through a Marketing Concierge program, you can provide partners with a set of marketing tactics that are most effective for each region. This essentially creates a marketing menu from which partners pick and choose what works   Read more…

Data and system challenges have forced many channel managers to make critical decisions based on hunches, anecdotes and outdated rules of thumb.
Calculating channel return on investment isn’t simple. At Satisfic, we always make sure that every campaign executed by our team, you receive a clear data   Read more…

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Case Studies and Industry Best Practices Webinars

Best Practices Webinars


Learn from Satisfic experts about various aspects of Marketing To Your Channel
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Case Studies

Download Success Story

Learn how Satisfic team setup,launched and executed a successful concierge program for a Fortune 500 company

Best Practices Webinars


Learn from Satisfic experts about various aspects of Marketing Through Your Channel
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