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You Can’t Improve and Scale What You Don’t Measure. Let Us Protect You from Hidden Danger.

At Satisfic we offer various researches to provide you a clear understanding of your channel. We can provide you with accurate and incisive research to guide your decisions. Our in-depth understanding of business verticals enables us to interpret the research and arrive at a recommended strategy and tactical recommendations for going to market. We help you make the right decisions, avoid pitfalls and find new and profitable opportunities.

Segmentation Research

Spend time where you can gain the most value. Whether its your partner base or your customer base, the same rule applies to both. Understand where to invest in and which one to avoid. If its partner segmentation, our research gives you visibility into the dynamics of your channel programs and channel partners. We can conduct detail firmographic analysis to identify the current state of your channel and who are your loyal resellers and who has the potential to grow. If its end customer segmentation research, our research insights would help you learn the needs of each market segment and whether any current solutions meet those needs. We can also figure out adoption patterns, as well as pricing and quality expectations by segment, and much more.

Partner Satisfaction and Loyalty Research

You may be working with the same partners, however the channel you have today has evolved than the one you had five years ago. Your partners evolve, new technologies emerge and markets continually change. The buyer’s journey has completely changed and is no more linear. How do you know if your partners are still aligned with your strategy? Are they achieving sustainable growth through your technology, or are they doing better with your competitors? Is your incentive program lucrative outdated? Is your partner program still current and aligned with their business models? To get answers to all the tough questions, depend on Satisfic Channel Marketing Research for accurate marketing insights

Buyer’s Journey Mapping

B2B buying is complex. There are several stakeholders involved in narrowing a shortlist of vendors to consider. To understand B2B buying decisions, you need to know your buyer personas and how they interact. That’s where we come in.

Our research approach synthesizes the important touchpoints, areas of satisfaction and pain points, all in one framework allowing for easy dissemination. Buyer’s Journey Mapping process drives action and leads to a positive impact on the bottom line. Our team use qualitative methods that allow direct interaction with or observation of users, such as interviews and field studies,

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VOC Research

It is always more cost-effective to hold onto existing customers than to attract new ones. If you are not listening to your customers, you become less efficient and won’t serve your customers well. This would lead to customer churn and decline in your brand value. We at Satisfic are experts at understanding customer behaviour, needs and trends. We can run an extensive Voice of Customer survey and find out their wants, needs and behaviours. Once we have gathered VOC survey data, we analyse and learn from it, recognizing different segments and their different needs. Our team would also provide you a detail action plan based on the survey results. 

Account Based Marketing (ABM ) Research

Don’t build your ABM program on anecdotes. Gain real understanding with research. Our ABM research will help you to differentiate from your competitors’ account-based marketing efforts. Our team would provide you in-depth knowledge about your targeted account, so you can design a more tailored approach to serve the account better. Personalization that isn’t driven by research and a solid strategy based on data insights won’t get you far with ABM. To be successful, ABM programs require a solid data foundation. Our ABM research would help you learn where your investments are most effective and how you can most efficiently reach your buyers.

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Key Buying Criteria Research

Discover where product features and unmet needs intersect. We can put together a detail research around key buying criteria by surveying your existing installed base, target customers and even competitor’s customers. Our team would conduct in-depth interviews with focus groups via online and in-person. We can uncover how customers evaluate “jobs to be done,” price ranges, favourite features, competing solutions, and more. These invaluable insights would absolutely help your product management team to build product that better suites customer’s needs. It would also help your sales and marketing team with the right messaging and knowledge of your customer’s buying criteria.

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