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Develop a Channel Partner Training Strategy That Works

Your channel partners represent your brand and sell your products to clients every day. But how much time do you spend thinking about their training needs? In most cases, the answer is, “not enough”. With incremental transformation of your technology stack more frequently than ever, we know that you’re convinced – channel partner training is a must.  But now you’re wondering how to best approach it. Satisfic can help you to put together a detail partner training program and execute it to drive desired outcome.

Evaluate Channel Training Needs

Before you launch any training program in your channel, ask yourself why you need to roll out the training program and who would need to be trained and why would they need the training. What type of training would best enable your channel partners. 

The challenge is getting partner sales reps to take advantage of the training – especially because they have many vendor lines at their disposal to sell – all of which are also vying for their time and effort.  Surveys are a good way to identify your channel needs and frequently-encountered problems. Satisfic team can help you do a detail survey for your training roll out and provide valuable insight

Align Partner Training Goals with Your KPIs
Align Partner Training Goals with Your KPIs

Measurement of past performance don’t always provide a good roadmap of which partners to invest in. Focus on identifying strong partners worthy of your resources who are more likely to grow sales. Post training, use KPIs to track how your partners are doing after training, what training they still need, and how engaged they are with your training program.  

Satisfic team would work with you to set thresholds for each leading indicator that would determine whether a partner is performing in a specific category. We would release partner scorecard so you can identify which partners you should invest your time and money into. 

Motivate Your Channel

Once you identify your training goals, break them down into milestones that partners can work through during the program. Based on your surveys, select a committed group that includes of active and new partners. An all-day training workshop is a great way to bring your key channel partners together and make them feel like they’re a part of something bigger. 

Offer certificates or other incentives like reward points for completing sections of training to keep your partners motivated.  Satisfic team would constantly stay engaged with your channel on your behalf to keep the partners motivated and excited about your training program.

Stage Your Training

If your training is not engaging, partners are not going to consume it, and if they do, they are not going to retain and recall it. Break your training up into stages that partners can complete in sequence. Don’t overwhelm them with tons of course materials and information. 

Keep it easy. Offer your partners, reward points for each training c completion.  Multi-level training programs delivered over an extended period of time will also keep your channel partners engaged with your product or service, and in tune with your goals. Satisfic team can put together a comprehensive step by step training strategy and manage the program end to end

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