Partner Recruitment

Predictable Channel Growth Through Effective Partner Recruitment Strategy

All channel organizations are at different stages in their development and maturity,
Whether you are at an early stage of channel program focusing on the partner recruitment and activation or at a later stage of channel maturity and focusing on partner commitment and partner – led deals and pipelines, you need to align growth initiatives with your current channel life stage. Satisfic takes a calculated, data-driven approach to profile, recruit and onboard and engage partners to your channel program .

Recruit the Right Partner

Most business will have some data analysis and some quantifiable data that drives their recruitment, but to be truly effective in your recruitment efforts you need to go beyond basic transactional data.

Products/services, target customers and target customer needs change over time, and so should the definition of an ideal partner profile. Satisfic team would develop and execute a detail action plan for partner profiling, content strategy and an adoption and ramp plan to organize your approach and drive successful outcome. 

Onboard and Engage the Right Partner

This is the most critical partner life stage as it focuses on converting ‘signed’ partners to ‘revenue producing partners’. Once you’ve identified potential partners, it’s time for outreach and onboard. If you can improve the percentage of partners who successfully complete this stage, it will have a direct impact on channel revenue and growth.

Satisfic team would take your onboarding strategy and work with you to develop and execute a detail action plan for onboarding and partner adoption and drive measurable goals as you begin to execute.

Drive more Partner Led Opportunities

Once partners are generating revenue for your business, it is very important to pro-actively drive behavior that will keep them actively engaged and growth focused. At this stage, more structure is needed in the relationship you have with your partners. 

Satisfic team can implement ‘through partner’ marketing campaigns by assessing your partner readiness and then providing your partners with the content, assets and support they need to create demand on your behalf and drive leads and opportunities. If the partners does not have bandwidth and resources to execute demand generation campaigns, Satisfic team can offer to run turnkey campaigns for your partners.

Develop more Productive Partners

Achieving sustainable growth with your channel is only possible if you match your strategies, resources and tools with your channel organization’s life-stage. It is critical to continually monitor and optimize your program while also delegating more responsibility to your partner and channel sales teams.
At Satisfic, our job does not end by recruiting partners one time. We are checking in with your partners regularly, making sure what they need and addressing any issues that requires immediate attention. More importantly, we are constantly collecting important data through every partner interaction, stack ranking the partners and helping you to understand and optimize your partner program

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