MDF and Co-Op Management

Keys to Maximize ROI from MDF and Co-Op Program

If you manage marketing development fund (MDF) or Co-Op fund for your channel, chances are that over 40% of your funds go unutilized and you’ve struggled at some point with achieving a highest possible return of investment from the program. We at Satisfic can provide you efficiency, compliance, and unmatched control of your MDFs to help you drive profitability by optimizing channel marketing spending. 


Satisfic team can work with you to plan the entire program. We would first understand your program guidelines like fund period, how funds are earned, funding process, documentation requirement etc. 

Once the guidelines are defined, our team would work with you to build, support and track your entire mdf / co-op program.


Enablement is not a one-time event. Program truth comes from a collaborative approach. Once we know what you would like to achieve, we would develop joint plans with your partners and field team. 

Satisfic team would have regular strategy calls with your region and country team; have campaign metric review calls with partners and field team, and joint planning session to ensure programs are aligned.

Full-Service Marketing Options

B2B buyer’s journey is longer and more fragmented than it’s ever been. Cold calling, generic email blasts no longer works. Partners tend to utilize mdf / co-op funds primarily on running tradeshows, events and merchandising.

Satisfic team would work with your partners one and one – identify their business focus and their marketing focus and then develop a multi-quarter integrated marketing campaign that would drives optimum output. Your partners would have access to our full-service marketing options like design and creative, copywriting, lead generation, event execution and social media marketing.

Full-Service Marketing Options
Effective Governance for Program Compliance

Dispersing of funds and evaluating marketing performance is complex. Due to ambiguous logistics such as; subjective guidelines and approval processes that are difficult to conceptualize, you may see low adoption of your performance-based MDF program. 

Our trained mdf consultants can establish a consistent set of standards; all campaigns executed are brand compliant and we would develop a strategy to manage and track the success of your channel spending with clear governance and transparency. We will ensure that all of the logistics and personnel that go into your program are working in a synchronized order.

Plans and Claims Reimbursement

Satisfic team would take out all the admin burden from your partners for marketing planning, executing campaigns and claiming reimbursement. 

We would also monitor forecast spend for activities versus actuals and manage and validate claims with proof of performance while tracking adoption, execution and compliance to maximize profitability of your MDF and Co-Op investments.

Continuous Improvement through Data

Continuous improvement is a gradual never-ending process. While we would focus on increasing the effectiveness and/or efficiency of your MDF & Co-Op program, our team would collect valuable data from your program and provide you insights with improvement areas. They would develop plans and measure and iterate for incremental improvements.

We would provide you efficiency, compliance, and control of your MDFs and Co-Ops and help you drive profitability by optimizing channel marketing spending.

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