Local Marketing and Media Planning

Create a Winning Digital Media Plan for Local Business

Media planning is essential to the success of your campaign, delivering the most relevant ads to the right people on their favourite devices. You could be a BIG brand. However, when you are planning a media strategy for your channel, you need to consider that most of your partners are small organizations and they do business in their respective countries only. 

You also need to consider that the marketing tactics that works in India may not work in Japan market or as a matter of fact not even in China or Thailand. The Satisfic team would work with you and your partners to discover what are your partner’s best opportunities to position your brand in front of the target audience in a specific country.

Conducting Preliminary Market Research

Search engines, social media or content offer an incredible opportunity to reach the target audience. However, in order to effectively leverage social channels, our team would work with you to uncover four aspects of your customers and the market:

  • Buyer’s profile 
  • What challenges they are currently facing 
  • How they search and engage for information in their countries 
  • The buying process they go through when seeking similar products or services
Conducting Preliminary Market Research
Media Strategy
Media Strategy

We don’t implement random media strategies. We Identify and select the most effective marketing channels we can use to increase your online visibility and reach prospecting customers.

We do it in 3 steps: 

  • Identify the most common channels your competitors use to engage this audience in respective countries
  • Use 2-3 most popular ones to test insights about the audience 
  • Adjust the strategy to the findings and launch a full-scale integrated campaign
Paid Search

Before wasting any resources on inefficient channels, we would validate our findings by running a small paid search campaign with small group of partners and measure how the audience responds to it. 

We would benchmark the campaign performance against industry standard to evaluate what’s high and low engagement in your particular niche before rolling it out to a larger audience.

Paid Search
Local and Global
Local and Global

Instead of trying to use the same marketing messages for a pan-Asian audience as a blanket solution, we would tailor your branding with concepts that work on a targeted, local level. 

We understand both sides of the equation and can help you with local online marketing like LINE in Japan or NAVER in S Korea or WeChat in China. Satisfic’s local team can personalize your ads and create offers which is specific to a region. Expand your digital presence, capture the right kind of traffic, and engage potential customers across APAC via local channels.

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