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If you want your channel partners to be part of your online marketing strategy, some basic strategic thinking has to be in order. Your best partners may well be your best chance to grow revenues and reach your goals, but they will need to be with you on that quest. 

The more you can do to help them with both sales and marketing, the faster they can increase revenues from selling your products. Partner with us and let us be the single step to help you reach your business goals.


Most of the partners lack a professionally designed website branding – be it consistent tone and visual elements, active social media accounts or something as simple as an appropriate choice of font. At Satisfic, we ensure that visitors view your brand in the way you want it perceived in your partner’s website. 

From there we help your partners define a smart customer acquisition strategy that ties sales to your strategic objectives, map out a go-to-market plan and consistently communicate your message and convert prospects into customers

Positive ROI
Positive ROI

Our team of expert designers and web developers can redesign your partner’s website that would generate increased visitors. With improvements in search engine optimization, as well as content strategy, your partner would be able to see an increase in the number of people viewing their website (i.e., more marketing reach).

Many of the websites that we build include some sort of resource library or blog. This is a great way to retain your existing customers, encouraging them to use your partner’s website (and your business) as a resource. Developing this type of digital strategy through the use of your website can help you retain existing customers.

Self-Serve Customer Support

Website can improve your partner’s customer support and as a result improve theirr overall customer service. Post support Q&As on website or create a forum where users can ask each other questions about products/solutions and other users can answer these questions. 

These answers to common problems or questions are then available on the internet if other customers of yours search in a search engine for a solution to this problem. You can also direct customers to these online documented resources so that they can solve the problem themselves.

Self-Serve Customer Support
Website Optimization (SEO)

The website is an indispensable part of your digital marketing strategy. It is the most important and recognized digital touchpoint which is easily accessible by everyone. It is important to increase your partner’s website visibility both through social media and organic search. Your website is the foundation of all your online marketing. 

All your other efforts online drive people to it. It’s the hub that generates leads that result in sales. Before launching any digital marketing campaign, Satisfic team can evaluate your partner’s current website and can help them to get their site ready to attract more leads.

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