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A Complete Co-Marketing Solution for Maximizing Channel Revenue

Get it right, and co-marketing can be a brilliant way to grow your channel sales, build your audience and generate qualified leads. Best of all, by promoting a shared offer that benefits both you and your partner, you’ll see big results with less work as you share the load. The needs and buying preferences of a SMB end user are very different from that of a larger enterprise customer.

Therefore, the skills and business models of partners and their distributors targeting these different customers will vary considerably, and of course so will the vendors’ requirements.

Engage with the Right partners in a way that works for them.

A well designed and resourced partner program is essential to drive alignment. 

Programs are fundamentally a set of business rules with matching requirements and benefits to help to guide distributors and partners as to what to do, how to do it, and where to invest. 

At Satisfic, we approach any co – marketing campaign by developing a model that provides a structured, objective methodology and a data – guided approach to make programs highly successful.

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Partner Profiling and Segmentation
Partner Profiling and Segmentation

Products/services, target customers and target customer needs change over time, and so should the definition of an ideal partner profile. 

Our partner profiling team would provide you detail partner firmographics that matters: 

Our team of database analyst would learn from every partner interaction and experience and continually improve the accuracy of the criteria in the model. We would work with you to do an in-depth assessment to understand which channel partners have the potential to deliver the strongest performance now and, in the future,

Digital Marketing Strategy

You could be a BIG brand. However, you need to understand that when you are planning a digital marketing strategy for your channel, you need to consider that most of your partners are small organizations. You need to think through how could a small/medium company introduce their solution to the market and convince potential buyers to even consider to try out their solutions. 

You also need to consider that the marketing tactics that works in India may not work in Japan market or as a matter of fact not even in China or Thailand. The Satisfic team would work with you and your partners to discover what are your partner’s best opportunities to position your brand in front of the target audience.

Conducting Preliminary Market Research

Search engines, social media or content offer an incredible opportunity to reach the target audience. However, in order to effectively leverage social channels, our team would work with you to uncover five aspects of your customers and the market: 

Buyer’s profile

  • What challenges they are currently facing 
  • How they view solutions like yours, and 
  • How they search for information about the problem 
  • The buying process they go through when seeking similar products or services
Inbound Strategy

We don’t implement random marketing strategies. We Identify and select the most effective marketing channels we can use to increase your online visibility and reach prospecting customers.

We do it in 3 steps:

  • Identify the most common channels your competitors use to engage this audience in respective countries
  • Use 2-3 most popular ones to test insights about the audience 
  • Adjust the strategy to the findings and launch a full-scale integrated campaign 
Email Marketing

We can help your partners to execute successful email marketing campaigns. We would provide:

  • Design custom templates for co-marketing.
  • Subject line optimization
  • Ways to segment audience.
  • In-depth analytics on email campaign performance.
Microsite / Landing Page Marketing

Whether it’s a highly focused microsite or just a simple landing page to attract inbound traffic, we offer: 

  • Co-branding and customization 
  • Keyword optimization
  • Develop custom forms and surveys 
  • In-depth analytics on campaign performance
Webinar Marketing

With so many steps, people and touchpoints involved in webinar marketing programs, maintaining an efficient flow of milestones and accurate project information is absolutely critical. Our team of experts would provide 

  • Pre/Post Webinar marketing materials
  • Email list management
  • Webinar platform and operator assistance
  • Registrations for webinar
  • Reporting
Event Marketing

We’ve successfully managed event programs for partners across a wide range of industries. Our event specialist can support the entire event lifecycle from:

  • Pre-event promotion
  • Creative and Design
  • Registrations for event
  • Participant surveys
  • Post event on-demand generation
  • Reporting
Search Engine Marketing

We offer a fully integrated approach to search engine marketing which looks at the bigger picture to exceed your business requirements. As a part of our SEM services, your partners would receive:

  • Digital Competitive Analysis 
  • Custom strategy
  • Creative and Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Regular reporting
Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Marketing is designed to keep you in control of your co-branded messages across various social media networks. We can help your partners connect with end customers via:

  • Linkedin
  • Facebook 
  • Twitter 
  • Google+
  • Youtube
Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail is regaining favor as a b2b marketing tool because it can be highly targeted. Satisfic has helped countless businesses like yours to meet their marketing goals with custom direct mail solutions. Whether it’s a postcard, invitation or flyer, Satisfic offers the following services 

  • Creative and Design
  • Expert mailing list consulting
  • Commercial printing
  • Mailing  
  • Track response rate via QR code scans 
Tele Prospecting

existing clients, our BDEs are experts at engaging in meaningful interactions with senior-level decision makers.  We work with you to develop and execute lead generation campaigns to meet your specific objectives and build your sales pipeline. We offer:

  • B2B sales lead generation, lead qualification and lead nurturing
  • Validation and calibration of lead scoring
  • Data validation and enhancement
  • Account profiling
  • Win/loss analysis

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