Marketing Through Partners

Marketing With and For partners – What you Need to Know

As buyers’ habits and market expectations evolve, channel sales need to stay effective. Success requires you to radically remake the sales and distribution channel by tossing out the status quo and embracing transformation. Wouldn’t you agree that it’s time for a revised approach?

Develop More Loyal Partners

When done right, selling through channel partners allows vendors to expand to untapped markets, launch new products and service end users effectively. 

Establish clear objectives around channel engagement, value-based programs and consistent communication to partners. 

Establish key performance indicators and reward channel partners for meeting goals.

Develop More Loyal Partners

Establish a win-win relationship in supporting your channel partners’ business. 

Offer them a blend of training, demos, marketing tools and lead generation programs for identifying and positioning your solutions. Distribute direct leads to your partners at the right time and based on their expertise. 

Provide the right resources and set expectations on what data you’d like them to share

Marketing Support

Channel partners typically do not have in-house resources. They rely heavily on vendor for marketing support. 

Partners often want to lead with their own brand, and you should make it as easy as possible for them to do so. 

Engage a full service marketing agency to build the framework for co-marketing campaigns and messaging, and develop custom messaging and design based on the market your partners serve and the value proposition that they would like to amplify.

Marketing Support
Rewards and Recognition

Take a new approach with channel rewards by focusing on segmenting your channel partners and personas. 

Develop a blend of behaviour-based and sales-based elements to increase engagement and grow your pipeline. Keep in mind that motivation is a personal thing, not a one-size fits all solution, so allow for choices when it comes to rewards.

Recognize your channel partners when they hit a milestone or achieve quarterly target of revenue. Recognition goes a long way to create loyalty.

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