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Fulfilling All Aspects of Your Regional Sales and Marketing Strategy

Channel marketers are tasked with the responsibility of juggling multiple priorities, including partner recruitment, partner training, demand generation campaigns, deal registration and ensuring MDF fund utilizations and a lot more. Satisfic provides strategy consulting and marketing concierge services that supplement your own partner team, 

Helping you to understand and engage with you partner landscape and supporting you in every step of marketing to, marketing through and marketing for your partners.

Partner Recruitment

Our deep channel experience can help to accelerate partner recruitment efforts and offloads much of the initial screening effort. Satisfic team can create a focused recruitment campaign with a detail partner profiling, content strategy through all channels – events, collateral, branding, social media, blogs, webinars and more. As your recruiting campaigns start generating leads, our concierge team can follow up on the potential partner leads, compare their business to your perfect partner profile and get them for your final assessment and recruitment. We don’t stop here. Once partners have signed up,

Satisfic team would also onboard the new partners successfully to your channel program. We continue to stay engage with the partners to make sure that they are being provided all necessary help that they need to ramp up and successfully contribute to your channel business. 

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Partner Training

A well-designed and well-executed training program via your marketing concierge can be a great benefit to you and your local partners. Whether you would like to enable your channel partners in technical training, sales training or marketing training, concierge is the best way to evolve your partner training program. Satisfic team would provide you with a detail training program plan with a set of goals, communication strategy, developing the toolkit, resources committed and a realistic ROI. You would also receive weekly/monthly and quarterly progress reports and insights on the areas of improvement based on the program progress. 

Post training, partners would track how your partners are doing after training, what training they still need, and how engaged they are with your training program. We would release partner scorecard so you can identify which partners you should invest your time and money into.

Co - Marketing Campaigns

Partners often lack critical marketing skills/resources. Even with pre-built, canned campaigns, support is essential in order to ensure that partners appropriately update the campaign messaging to align to their strengths and not compete unnecessarily with other companies within the channel. If your partners are already using any agency for lead generation, Satisfic concierge team can guide the partner and the agency with selecting the right program based on their target market, product/solution focus and competency. 

Satisfic team would provide proactive support throughout the process ensuring that the campaigns are on track. We would also crunch the numbers from campaigns executed, consolidate reports from every channel partner and provide you a dashboard view. 

MDF / Co-Op Management

We take away all the admin burdens with mdf programs from your partners so that they can focus on what matters the most to them–closing their leads. We would also help your partners to assess their target market, plan their business goals and implement marketing strategies in alignment to their business goals and vendor’s quarterly / half yearly pipeline target. 

Satisfic concierge services can help your channel partners understand the benefits of using MDF and assist them in planning and managing their quota of MDF better. We would also ensure that campaigns are being executed with clear governance and adhering to vendor’s mdf guidelines. We ensure that partner MDF are spent fully and effectively quarter over quarter on programs that will positively affect their bottom line. 

Partner Incentive & Reward Management

Any incentive and reward program you have in place must garner sufficient ROI. If your current incentive programs don’t seem to be enough to entice partners into your MDF program (or if you don’t have one yet), consider changing them up. When you introduce an Incentive program, you’ll need to choose certain behaviours, values or KPIs that you want to reward.
At Satisfic, we understand the importance of data analytics in creating an effective incentive program. When you engage us, our concierge would kick start the program with a detail survey to gather essential feedback from partners based on their type and personas, providing you with as much information as possible to design your program. winning in the channel requires data-driven program innovation. Satisfic team would have a systemic use of data to understand, test, and optimize your incentive program that will drive the efficiency.

Pipeline Management

Your channel sales pipeline is constantly changing.You are generating direct leads every day via website queries and events and distributing to partners across your geo for follow up and close. Adding to the complexity are partner generated leads from funded programs. If you’re not careful, your sales pipeline can start to get disorganized and chaotic – which will make you inefficient and lead to lost sales.

Engaging Satisfic concierge team to create a standardized pipeline management process by due diligently pre-qualifying the direct leads before they are being distributed to your partners or following up with the partners on a regular to receive the status of pending lead feedback is a great way to efficiently manage your channel sales pipeline. You can effectively forecast, track and measure progress through detailed reports.

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